There is a new Mustang RTR Spec 5 hitting the streets! We built this 2021 Mustang RTR Spec 5 for Adam LZ through our Built by RTR program. Following the announcement of the Spec 5 being available to the public for the first time, we are excited to share Adam’s build with you all. His Mustang RTR Spec 5 has all of the standard components that a Spec 5 comes with plus some unique exterior styling enhancements explicitly added for Adam.

The build started out as a 2021 Mustang GT Premium in Rapid Red Metallic. The Mustang RTR Spec 5 is our most content packed Mustang RTR that we offer. Some major components include a Ford Performance Supercharger System, RTR widebody flares, a custom set of RTR Aero 7 Forged Wheels and installed a MBRP Exhaust System. Check out some images of it in stock form before we started the build process.

As soon as it arrived, it was brought inside the RTR Lab to start the build process. The first thing we installed was the Ford Performance Supercharger. The supercharger system boosts horsepower output to 750 HP / 670 TQ.

While the front bumper is off, our RTR Technician started disassembling the front fascia in preparation to install the RTR Upper Grille w/ LED Lighting, RTR Lower Grille, RTR Chin Spoiler and RTR Bumper Vents.

Moving around to the rear of the Mustang, the rear decklid is removed to apply the RTR badging. Only serialized Spec Mustangs received RTR badging in the front grille and rear decklid. Each badge is placed using a 3D printed template to ensure precise fitment with every RTR badge install.

Since Adam’s Mustang is equipped with the Performance Package rear spoiler, we installed the RTR Gurney Flap as well.

Before Adam’s Spec 5 moved locations to have the widebody fender flares installed, we installed all the RTR Tactical Suspension components that included RTR Tactical Performance Coilovers and Front / Rear Sway Bars. Our coilovers and sway bars are adjustable so you can dial in the suspension settings that best suit your driving style.

Now it’s time for the most labor-intensive part of the Mustang RTR Spec 5 build, the RTR Widebody Fender Flares! These flares are the same fender flares that you see on Adam LZ and Chelsea DeNofa’s Mustang RTR Spec 5-FD competition Mustangs. They are offered as standard components on each Mustang RTR Spec 5 and you can also purchase these for your Mustang if you would like the same style. Keep in mind, these take roughly 32 hours to install and they will also need to be painted.

Before any cutting began, each corner of the Mustang was taped off and the entire vehicle was covered with blankets to protect the rest of the body. The fender flares were placed onto the vehicle to be test fitted before cutting into the body.

The front fenders and rear quarters are then cut to allow adequate wheel travel for the new track width. A steel filler plate is then welded into place only for the rear quarters. The filler plate fills the void where the rear quarter metal was removed to keep excess debris out. An undercoating is then applied to prevent corrosion.

Once the front and rear fenders are protected with the undercoating, the fender flares were placed back on the vehicle to drill holes for the nutserts. The nutserts allow the rivets to be installed.

Before the fender flares were installed the RTR Graphics can now be applied to the vehicle. Our graphics package includes a hood graphic and side graphics that flow from the front fender all the way to the rear trunk lid. The RTR Graphics Package is another component that is only available on RTR Serialized Mustangs.

The RTR Widebody Fender Flares are now ready to be installed. Each flare is carefully placed into position and fastened to the vehicle. Once all of the fender flares had been fastened, it was time to install the RTR fender badges.

There are only a few more components to install before we can wrap up the build on this Mustang RTR Spec 5. The Mustang went back on the lift to get a new exhaust tone thanks to MBRP. A full Pro Series cat-back exhaust system with a resonator delete x-pipe was installed. The exhaust tips are tucked nicely under the rear valence and stick out just enough to show off the carbon fiber tips adorned by a MBRP logo.

The final piece to the puzzle is installing the wheels! Adam LZ opted for the RTR Aero 7 Forged Wheels but with a twist. They were powder coated with a custom bronze finish that accented the Rapid Red Metallic paint perfectly. A set of Nitto NT555 G2’s were mounted and balanced on the wheels before being installed on the Mustang. Even the valve stem caps are torqued to spec thanks to GearWrench tools for always supplying us with all the latest tool technology.

Now that the Mustang RTR Spec 5 is complete, it’s time for Adam LZ to check it out! He flew in for the day to take delivery of his new Spec 5 at the RTR Lab. You can check out his VLOG below: 

 Check out the full gallery of images below. Thanks for reading all about Adam’s Mustang RTR Spec 5. If you would like to learn more info about the Spec 5 or build your very own, learn more here.

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